Wrong group added to assignment by mistake. What can I do?

BlackBoard: Wrong group added to assignment by mistake


Suppose you have a group assignment. Maybe already for years and you want to add the groups for this year to the assignment. BUT, instead of adding the project groups you added the group containing the whole class! This will ensure that if one student uploads an assignment, and you grade it, all students will have this grade!

This is not want you want, so how to solve it.


It is not possible to remove a group from an assignment, and certainly not if one student of that group has already uploaded an assignment. SO WHAT TO DO?


Situation 1

You notice your mistake before any student has uploaded an assignment and you did not use the erroneously added groupname may times in "adaptive release of content" or in "smart views" in the grade center. Then you can do this:

Step 1:

First make you assignment unavailable so no student can upload something for this assignment.

Step 2:

Create a new group for every group that you added to the assignment in error, move all the members to the new group, delete the old group, and rename it again. So for example, if one of the groups would have had the name “Class2016” do the following:

Go to Groups, add a new group with the same name and add for example “_tmp” to the end of the group name. For example, creat the group “Class2016_tmp”

Move all the members from “Class2016” to “Class2016_tmp”

Delete the group “Class2016”

Check if your new group “Class2016_tmp” is not coupled to your assignment.

It probably isn’t. SO now rename “Class2016_tmp” back to “Class2016”

Step 3:

Make your assignment available again for students to upload their work.

Step 4:

The group that you added in error may also have been used in “Smart Views” of the grade centre or in “adaptive release” of content. You will have to add the group again as you deleted it before.


Situation 2

If you notice your mistake and one or more students have already uploaded an assignment and you have many students in your course you probably better solve it like this:

Step 1:

First make your assignment unavailable so no student can upload something for this assignment anymore.

Step 2:

Create a new assignment just like the one you made an error with. Couple the right groups.

This is probably the easiest and quickest solution. But it has the draw back that students will now see two items in their grade book. (My Grades). And one of them will always be ungraded. Depending on whether they are “older” students of students from the course of the current year. And of course as a teacher you have now two columns in your grade book for the same grading item. 
Maybe it is good to know that the text used at “description” in a grade centre column is also viewable by students in their MyGrades overview. You might use this like “This grading item is only valid for students taking this course in 2016 or before.”


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