Formatting your m-script for publishing your code

%% Formatting for publishing your code
% Below some examples to write your code in such a way that enables easy
% publication to HTML or PDF
% "%% " at the start of a lin indicates a new "cell" or paragraph.
% Try the menu command "Publish, Publish" once to see the result.
% Use %<newline> and then two spaces after the % sign for preformatted text like
%  Preformatted Text1
% Preformatted Text2
% Use %<newline> and then three spaces after the % sign to show Matlab code like
%   for x = 1:10
%       disp(x)
%   end
% This example allows you to include equations with the aid of LaTex code:
% $$\overline A + \overline B=\overline {A \cdot B}$
% Use |text| to display text in a monospaced font. Handy to display
% computercode for example: |Longitude   = "4.890934";|

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