I can not delete a file or directory because access is denied.

First try tools like Unlocker or FileASSASSIN, if that fails then:

Step 1) Go to the file / directory in a command window and use


to view the current access rights.
You can change the current
accessrights by using for example

cacls /C /G BUITLIN\Administrator:F

If you want to have an overview of
possible users go to the c:\ drive and
issue the command cacls there.

Step 2) Get the highest access rights
The local System account has higher
privileges than Administrator.
To start a command prompt under the
System account, issue the command

at (time) /interactive cmd.exe

Where (time) is the current time plus 1 minute.
Alternatively, download Sysinternals' PSTools and use

psexec -i -s cmd.exe

The elevated command prompt will
start in a different directory from usual,
which for me is C:\WINDOWS\system32>

Go to the file or directory you want to
delete and use:




or if you don't want to delete the file
use calcs to change it access rights.
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